To sync or not to sync

19. October 2012

So, where should we begin…
When Apple announced iOS 5 with iCloud we thought this would be awesome for our apps. So we looked at the documentation and took the example code and built it into ListBook. At first it seemed to work as expected, but we made a huge mistake and didn’t test it good enough.
We received lots of eMails which told us that sync didn’t work or even worse, that they couldn’t open the app and lost all their data. It was a shock for us, we want to make perfect apps and have happy customers.
So we made a troubleshoot site ( which isn’t the best solution but it handles most of the problems.
After some users updated to iOS 6 or a new iPhone, we received again some mails that the app was broken after the update.
So maybe you’re asking yourself, whats wrong with noidentity? Are the developers not fucking capable of writing good software? 😀
To answer this question we have to go deeper in the development side. I’m sure some of you have apps who sync like a charm with iCloud. These apps use Documents to store the Data so they are Document based apps (mostly text editors) and iCloud works perfect with these kind of apps. But we use a relational database (with CoreData) for our apps and, there’s no other word to say it, this really sucks with iCloud.
So why we don’t just replace our store to a document based store? A document based store is just saving files in the cloud and it works for simple models but not if you have complex data-models with many relations like in BudgetBook. That’s why.
There are a lot of Blogs from really good developers who say that iCloud in combination with CoreData is
not ready and a nightmare. So after one year fight and trouble we have decided to remove iCloud from ListBook in the
next version and wait until Apple shows us a working solution.
The same thing with BudgetBook. The new iPad- and iPhone-app are 98% finished but we can’t release it because the sync doesn’t work.
We can not stand behind a product which causes trouble for many of you. We wont make the same mistake again.
So what’s next? First we will update ListBook of course with iPhone 5 support, some new features and like I said above, removed iCloud sync.
We are also updating Yearly for iPhone 5 and it looks quite more sexy:
aaaaaaannnnd we plan to update MoneyBook too of course, but this will take more time and effort because the codebase is already several years old.
And last but not least we have yet to decide if we want to release the big BudgetBook update (which brings a complete new user interface, retina support for iPad and a brand new iPhone version) without iCloud sync or not.
So that’s what’s happening at noidentity.
I hope you all understand our point and keep supporting us in the future.
We wish you all the best and kind regards
your noidentity team
Sandro & Mischa

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