Next for iPad and iCloud

21. March 2014


When we first made Next for iPhone, we never thought about making an iPad version too. At that time it just didn’t make sense for us. Next was made for fast and easy expense tracking on the go. So the whole concept was based around the iPhone.


But after some time we realized that an iPad version shouldn’t be just the same as the iPhone app, it should have a different focus.
The concept is simple: The iPhone app is for quickly adding expenses on the go and the iPad version is more for browsing and statistics. The bigger screen is really made for this.


We think we found a really great solution which is awesomely fun to navigate. Think of it as one big zoomable infographic of your expenses.
You start by seeing a summary of your years. Each one represented by a bubble. Each contains its last few months. Tap on a bubble and you zoom into it and see all of its months. And just as you would expect, now you can tap on a month-bubble to zoom into this month and see all of its expenses grouped by day.
It’s a really intuitive interface and you just have to see it in action.
Thanks to this concept, there are no menus, tabs or similar. Just one big zoomable interface. We’re really proud of it and think you’re gonna like it too.




Of course you can still add, edit and delete expenses, just like you’re used to in the iPhone version.
With ListBook 4 we implemented a new iCloud sync engine by Drew McCormack (Ensembles) and we use it in Next too.
So just imagine this typical scenario: During the day when you’re out, you collect your expenses on Next for iPhone. In the evening you sit on your couch, open Next on your iPad and after a few seconds all your data is here and can be browsed on the gorgeous big iPad screen.

We made a little video for it and hope you enjoy it as much as we do:




Your noidentity Team,


Mischa & Sandro

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ListBook 4.0

17. February 2014

We are proud to present you our first big release for this year. ListBook 4.0 is completely redesigned and redeveloped.


The new Interface is very clean and matches perfectly the iOS 7 look and feel. When we started with the redesign we played with some beautiful colors and we couldn’t agree which color we wanted to use, so we decided to use all of them and give you the choice. Now you can choose between these beautiful colors.




iCloud sync
The biggest and most important feature is of course iCloud sync. As you know we had really trouble with iCloud in the past. We have also get a lot of bad reviews because of this. Sync between devices becomes more and more important, specially when you release an App as Universal. Finally we have found a solution and ListBook syncs perfectly over your devices. Again thanks to Drew for his great work on ensembles.


Other features are:
• Share lists over AirDrop
• Pull to add new list
• Improved pull-to-add-listitems with color chooser
• Better workflow
• Huge performance optimizations
• Many bugfixes


We are very proud of this update and we  hope you like it to. Please let us know what you think about. You can alway write us over twitter or mail. And now we can start testing the iPad version of Next! :)





Your Noidentity Team,


Sandro & Mischa


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Roadmap 2014

24. January 2014

It’s a little bit late but we wish you all a great start in the new year. We hope our new App SmokeFree could help the smokers for the New Year’s resolutions. In 2014 we will release really cool stuff we cant wait to show you.


ListBook will get a complete new clean interface, matching perfectly the iOS7 design. We have almost redeveloped the core from the ground with the result of less code, many bug fixes and speed improvements.
But the new feature we’re most proud of is iCloud sync. Yes you heard right! :D
Thanks to Drew with his ensembles project we could finally, after a two year long fight, implement iCloud sync in a really nice way. We’re really happy about it. We hope we can release it in a month.


When I look at my iPad I get goose pimples and I tell you why! I have a beta version of Next for iPad!
Next for iPad sounds cool but if you would see what I see you’d know what I mean.
It’s not just a bigger version of the iPhone version, it is a completely new interface which will kick asses!
A really intuitive and dynamic interface. In the next days we will show you a little teaser video. Of course also with iCloud sync. No release date yet.


These are the plans for the next few months, what’s coming after that is not entirely sure yet, but we’re also working on a complete new BudgetBook version (maybe with an iPhone version and iCloud too).


So, I hope you’re satisfied with our roadmap. We’re thankful for your support and hope you stay with us in 2014.


Your noidentity Team

Sandro & Mischa

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SmokeFree helps you with your new year resolutions

12. December 2013

Today we’re launching a small new app. As with all our apps, the idea was born because we (well, a close family friend) felt the need for such an app and we weren’t satisfied with the current available solutions. This year, he wanted to stop smoking. So he looked for an app to track his success. There are many apps out there, but none of them is fun and beautiful to use.

So we decided to build our own.
We wanted the following core features in our app:

– It should show how many days you are smoke free
– How much money and tar you saved

Additionally we thought about how to motivate the (ex-) smoker. So we decided to show what we call „regeneration steps“. It shows you how your body and its various functions have regenerated since you quit smoking. Also it shows the next goals you can achieve. We think it’s a great way to stay motivated and focused.

Other features are a bunch of nice colorful themes and the app is universal, so you can track your progress on your iPad too. The data gets synced through iCloud (and before we get the „why does SmokeFree sync and the other apps don’t“ mails: SmokeFree has to sync only a few numbers, which is easy with the iCloud Key-Value-Store. And regarding sync for other apps, we’re working on it, but more news about that in the new year).

We hope this app will help some people quit smoking. Our friend is now smoke free for 4 months and counting :)

Get it in the AppStore here.


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