ListBook for iPhone & iPad

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Lists done right

Shopping lists, things to do or to remember - with ListBook and its elegant user interface, creating as many lists as you want is a breeze.

  • iCloud sync

    Sync your lists over iCloud with all your devices.

  • Locale based notifications

    Set a location for your todo's and get notifications when you arrive or leave this location.

  • Themes

    Colorize each of your lists with a bunch of beautiful colors.

  • Categorize your lists

    Assign category icons to your lists to distinguish them from each other.

  • Intuitive interface

    Swipe right in the detail view to go back. When adding new items, swipe left to quickly add multiple items.

  • Notifications

    Set a date for your todo's and get notifications for it, even when the app is closed.

  • Export/import lists

    Send lists via email, AirDrop or iMessage, the recipient can open them in ListBook.

  • Localization

    ListBook is localized in English, German, French, Italy, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russia, Korean and Dutch.

  • Sort

    Sort your lists and list items, in the usual iOS way.

  • Colorize

    There’s a few available colors to mark your list items, be it for priority, or simply to categorize them a little further

  • Lists

    Create as many lists as you want. Todo's, shopping list, diary book or what ever you want.

  • Retina ready

    Beautifully sharp and attractive user interface for your iPhone and iPad's retina display.

  • Filter

    Hide finished tasks, so that you can focus on the open ones.

  • Show unchecked items

    For every list you can decide whether to show unchecked items on the badge or not.

  • Accessibility

    ListBook is Optimized for Voice Over in 11 Langugages